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Sustainability Master Plan


The County of Santa Clara is committed to “building and maintaining a healthy and safe community for current and future generations through preserving natural resources and the environment, fostering a healthy economy, and meeting the basic needs of all residents with respect and cultural awareness.”  These three elements a healthy environment, vibrant economy, and social equity – provides the County’s vision for “sustainability.”  

Our County is asked to “think sustainably” and utilize, when appropriate, an inclusive collaborative process to produce visionary decisions today that ensure a viable, thriving community for the future.  Within each department, County employees are actively pursuing ways to do so.  To further inter-departmental coordination and collaboration that strategically balances and advances sustainability and climate defense, the Office of Sustainability is working with County departments to produce a Sustainability Master Plan (SMP).

The SMP process will develop a sustainability management system including the plan and other documents needed to both communicate the County’s vision for sustainability and to implement that vision through the County’s many activities, goods, and services.  The SMP is intended to support sustainability and climate defense goal achievement, promote continual improvement, coordinate decision-making, avoid unnecessary repetition, and encourage internal and external collaborative partnerships.

The SMP will result in a dynamic process rather than just a written document.  The sustainability management system will be flexible enough to permit departmental innovation but structured enough to facilitate strategic decision-making about how to best pursue and achieve long-term sustainability aims and goals.  Details on the SMP, the role of the Office of Sustainability in creating it, and the process of creating the SMP can be found in the SMP Framework.


The draft SMP was released in July 2020, and its components are below:
SMP Discussion Draft - provides an overview of the SMP​
Appendix A: SMP Priority Area Actions - a draft list of existing and potential new programs, policies, and activities for each strategy that may be undertaken to achieve the identified target; includes list of lead and coordinating departments.

For more information, please contact the Office of Sustainability​ at 408-993-4760.

Last updated: 9/2/2020 2:21 PM