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About Domestic Violence Information and Resources

Published on: 1/23/2014 3:54 PM

image of Judge Yew and crowd

“We wanted to give the victims and their families the opportunity to access all the county’s resource providers by placing them in one room for one evening and removing the obstacles of transportation, language, child care, inconvenience and intimidation.  I wanted the participants to leave feeling that the Court was open and accessible – whether they were suffering from violence or perpetrating it”. 

~Judge Erica Yew (far left)


The DVIR Network currently includes the Superior Courts, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, Probation Department, South Bay Labor Council, the Domestic Violence Intervention Collaborative and over 50 domestic violence agencies and service providers who are partnering to link families in need to vital resources and support. 

The free, public workshops bring together agencies and service providers who can help the community better understand and navigate the complex system of domestic violence.  Workshops take place at locations in the heart of the community and are presented in a welcoming and safe environment.  Free dinner, child care, and transportation are arranged to remove potential barriers to participation. Participants receive information and resources on a wide variety of topics, including housing, childcare, victim services, perpetrator services, immigration, health care, substance abuse treatment, child support, family court orders, teen dating violence, and same sex abuse. 

In an effort to reach as many people as possible, the DVIR Network produced a 12-part video series that provides simple, straightforward information to the public about the process of identifying, reporting and getting help for domestic violence.  This tool can also be used by government agencies, health care facilities and schools as a training tool.  Topics range from recognizing domestic violence situations to same sex relationships to restraining orders. 


  For more information about DVIR, please contact Office of Women's Policy at or call 408.299.5135