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About Women and Girls Summit 2010

Published on: 1/23/2014 3:54 PM

The Women and Girls 2010 Summit: Thriving in the New Economy, brought together 300 policy makers, business and community leaders, and advocates who recognized that improving the status of women is fundamental to sustainable economic development.   They pledged to take action to ensure true equality and opportunity for women and girls in the new economy.

This high-energy, interactive summit provided an opportunity for dialogue and action planning to ensure that local efforts to create a safe and healthy community and sustainable economy address the needs of women and girls.  The focus was on the following objectives:

  • Examine the economic impact and status of women and girls
  • Provide information on the “New Economy” which has emerged as a green economy
  • Identify local challenges and opportunities for the economic advancement of women and girls and engage in dialogue about what action is needed.
  • Secure a commitment from participants in a Call to Action and follow-up activities in key areas that impact women’s ability to compete and thrive in today’s economy, including health, education, economics and violence against women.
  • Provide an opportunity on Day 3 to convene 200 young women in leadership and social change training through the arts and creative expression.