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General Rules & Ordinances

Published on: 7/24/2019 9:27 AM

Take Only Photographs... Leave Only Footprints

Millions of people visit Santa Clara County's regional parks each year. Please help preserve the natural beauty of our parklands and ensure the safety of our visitors by complying with these general rules and any posted regulations.

Park Hours: Park hours are between 8am and half hour before sunset. Please visit individual park pages for more information.

Alcohol: Permitted in picnic areas. Not permitted in parking lots.

Dogs/Pets: Allowed on certain trails, see map. Must be controlled on a 6-foot (or less) leash at all times.

Drones: A valid permit is required by the Director authorizing such use, no person shall launch or land a drone, aircraft, or personal air vehicle within any park area or on any structure, facility, or equipment located within any park area.

Fires: Permitted in designated barbecue pits only. No fires on open ground. No wood gathering.

Fishing: License required for all persons age 16 or older. All state fish and game laws apply.

Garbage: Place in receptacles provided. Recycling is encouraged.

Geocaching: Geocaching is permitted in county parks when practiced under established conditions and procedures.

Plants &Wildlife: Collection of plant specimens and feeding of birds or animals is not permitted.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all county parks and on all trails.

Swimming: Prohibited in all lakes, streams and reservoirs.

Vehicles: Observe posted speed limits. Stay on designated roadways and in designated areas.

Weapons: Firearms, air guns, archery equipment EXCEPT within specifically designated archery areas in Mt. Madonna, Santa Teresa and Stevens Creek parks, and paint ball guns are prohibited.

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