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Published on: 1/8/2018 10:15 AM
Where am I on this map?

#PixInParks maps are available in GeoPDF format so now you can download these maps to your mobile device. The Avenza Map App is free and it can help you find your location while you are on your hike. Even when you don't have cell phone service the app works using your phone's GPS signal.

Using this app you can view maps offline (or without a cell signal) You can see your location on the map, plot place marks and photo locations a nd measure distance.

Please note: Digital GeoPDF maps are NOT a replacement for printed maps. We strongly suggest you do not completely rely on your mobile device and always carry a printed version of the #PixInParks map AND a map of the park while you are on your hike. You can pick up a printed copy of a park map at the trailhead or print a copy at home.

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