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How to download and use the Avenza Map App on Android

Published on: 1/4/2021 8:02 AM
The Avenza Maps app does not carry the #PixInParks maps in the “store” …YET!  However, follow these steps to open a #PixInParks map using this app feature:​

  1. Download Avenza Maps app to your smartphone.
  2. Go to: PixInParks webpage and click on any 1 of the 7 parks’ destination images in the #PixInParks Challenge​

3. Click on the 3 dots upper right
    and select “Open with...”.

Click on the 3 dots upper right<br>and select Open with  
4. Click on the Avenza Maps icon

4. Click on the Avenza Maps icon  


5. The map will start uploading into the Avenza Maps app.

My Maps


The Avenza app is free and does not require a membership to use.

Non-members are limited to three uploads at a time. Simply delete a trail map once your hike is completed to clear space for
future uploads of new maps.​

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