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Santa Clara County Parks has submitted a preliminary application for a California State Parks OHMV state grant for funds to support ground operations, law enforcement, and safety and education at Metcalf Motorcycle County Park. The County and State are seeking comments from the public and stakeholders on the grant application during the period March 4 through May 4. To access the grant applications for review, click HERE​. All public comments will be considered prior to submitting the final application.

Reservations will be required for day use parking on weekends and holidays beginning January 4, 2020 through July 5, 2020. Please visit​ or call 408-355-2201 to make your reservation.​

In 2018 the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors adopted the Parks Department’s Strategic Plan which guides Department investments for the next ten years. Read the Executive Summary for the highlights of this exciting plan to serve all the residents of Santa Clara County and protect our precious natural and cultural resources.
94% of Santa Clara County Parks’ visitors are satisfied with their experience in the parks. Check out our Report to the Community to learn who park users are, what they do at parks and their desires for the future.
Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Department accepts charitable donations to restore and improve our renowned open spaces. Trees, benches, shade structures and other items make great gifts to both your beneficiary and your favorite park.
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