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Plan on going out to Uvas Canyon County Park on a weekend or holiday to go hiking, picnicking or any other day use activity? Prepaid parking reservations are required. Visitors will have to book/reserve a parking spot in advance for a $6 vehicle entry fee on weekends and holidays. The reservation process will be in effect starting TODAY 1.26.19 until June or as long as visitation remains high.

To make a reservation during normal business hours, call 1-408-355-2201. You can also use the online reservation system at any time​.

There will be no day use vehicle passes sold at the kiosk, you will be turned away. There are no additional fees when you make your reservation.
94% of Santa Clara County Parks’ visitors are satisfied with their experience in the parks. Check out our Report to the Community to learn who park users are, what they do at parks and their desires for the future.
The Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara established the Historical Heritage Grant Program (HHGP) in 1990 to promote historic preservation and the awareness of significant cultural, historical, and archaeological resources within Santa Clara County. Funding is provided through the dedication of a portion of the County Park Charter Development Funds to the HHGP.
Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Department accepts charitable donations to restore and improve our renowned open spaces. Trees, benches, shade structures and other items make great gifts to both your beneficiary and your favorite park.
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