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Enjoy your parks virtually, For Free!! Discover your County Parks and some of their hidden gems through videos and live virtual programs.
The Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara established the Historical Heritage Grant Program (HHGP) in 1990 to promote historic preservation and the awareness of significant cultural, historical, and archaeological resources within Santa Clara County. Funding is provided through the dedication of a portion of the County Park Charter Development Funds to the HHGP.
We are currently allowing limited new reservations for camping through August 31, 2020. And have improved our site so there is no longer a need to wait on hold! Follow the instructions below to see a quick view of availability. ​Select your requested arrival date, # of day you would like to camp and the preferred park then clock “Show Availability”. If nothing appears, it is likely the dates/park requested is completely booked. For a quick view of the calendar click on “Open Availability Chart”. This will show a real time report of availability for requested date, if any. Once you have confirmed availability, take note of the available date and site and return to the Camping/RV/Yurt tab to make your reservation. Please note, this calendar shows real time availability. Additional sites will be released when available.
What you need to know before visiting a County Park. There's plenty of good information in this short video for new and returning visitors on how to be prepared and to enjoy your County Parks safely.
Discover hikes featuring road-width trails to make social distancing easy. Our print version maps and a mapping tool will help you to stay on the path. Visitors should park in main parking lots to avoid overcrowded trailhead parking on weekends.
Boating, golf courses, archery ranges and disc golf courses are now open. Please refer to the safety protocols for specific restrictions prior to visiting.

Reservations are required for day use 7 days a week (and holidays) through July 31, 2020. We are requiring Uvas parking reservations through 7/31/2020. Please visit​ or call 408-355-2201 to make your reservation.​

In 2018 the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors adopted the Parks Department’s Strategic Plan which guides Department investments for the next ten years. Read the Executive Summary for the highlights of this exciting plan to serve all the residents of Santa Clara County and protect our precious natural and cultural resources.
94% of Santa Clara County Parks’ visitors are satisfied with their experience in the parks. Check out our Report to the Community to learn who park users are, what they do at parks and their desires for the future.
Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Department accepts charitable donations to restore and improve our renowned open spaces. Trees, benches, shade structures and other items make great gifts to both your beneficiary and your favorite park.
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