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Published on: 10/28/2020 11:49 AM

Camping Update

We are currently accepting camping reservations at all Santa Clara County camping parks!


Please visit to check availability and to reserve a spot.


Please note, at this time, group campsites are closed due to restrictions on the Public Health Order.


If you are not planning to use your camping reservation, please notify Parks reservations staff ASAP at 408-355-2201 or email  View FAQ’s here​​​.


Park Closures & Access Update

All in-park classes, programs and special events have been cancelled or postponed. Park closures consist of museums, visitor centers, and group sites.

Overcrowding of parking lots and trails can cause temporary closures. This is a fluid situation designed to control the amount of vehicles and visitors at any given time. Turnover can happen fairly quickly as park staff monitors the flow of attendance. Our goal is to keep as many Parks open as possible so people can continue to enjoy the trails in a safe and healthy manner while practicing social distancing. See our recommended social distancing hikes​ featuring road-width trails.


Low risk park activities including boating, golf courses, archery ranges, field sports, disc golf courses and small outdoor ceremonies or religious gatherings are able to reopen under Public Health restrictions. Boating, golf courses, archery ranges, camping (including yurts), disc golf are open for public use following COVID19 Protocols. Dog parks at Ed Levin, Los Gatos Creek and Hellyer are also open as is first come first serve picnic tables of 25 people or less from three households.  Picnicking is is limited to two hours or less. Face coverings are required at all times, including while exercising if unable to maintain 6’ social distancing.


Uvas County Park requires reservations for day use parking on weekends and holidays until further notice. Trail use and parking requires a pre-booked ticket.


The Public Health order allows for small outdoor ceremonies and religious gatherings. A group must also plan for and follow the additional eleven (11) conditions​ listed in the Public Health Order. If you are interested in having a small ceremonial gathering a special event permit and standard fees are required. To make a reservation, call the reservations office Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 12:00pm and 1pm - 4pm except holidays. Call 408-355-2201 to make your reservation. If you have any questions, please email​.​

Parks Department Safety Protocols


The hiker brings water with him during hikeKnow Before You Go 
Be Prepared - Bring Plenty of Water

The warmer weather reminds us of the need to come prepared when visiting a County Park. Always bring sufficient water for the household group or yourself while recreating, especially now because water fountains remain closed. Wear loose-fitting clothing and apply sunscreen often to avoid the risk of sunburns.

Be sure to take all personal items with you when you leave the park. Pack out what you pack in. Be courteous and share the trails safely. Foot traffic and bikers must yield to equestrians. Bikers must warn foot traffic with a sounding device or verbal warning before passing safely on the left. Park bathroom facilities are open and available for park visitor use. ​
wide-trail Park Maps for physical distancing available! 6' distanceSocial Distancing Hikes
Wide-trail Mapping Tools

Enjoy this list of recommended hikes featuring road-width trails to make social distancing easy. Convenient print versions of the trail maps are available to carry along and a mapping tool that allows you to follow your hiking path without the use of an internet connection. The best time to hike is off-peak hours, Monday through Thursday from 10am to 2pm to ensure healthy distances.

wide-trail hike

Snake Sightings imageSnake Sightings
Watch Where You Step

If you see snake, the best thing to do is to stop, assess the situation, slowly back away, and wait at a safe distance for the snake to leave. If there is a way to detour far around the snake, that's a good option too. Being snake-safe is just as important for you as it is to the snake, so instead of being nervous or fearful, be prepared and focus on the cool experience of seeing wildlife. Most snakes are harmless and nonvenomous, like the king snake pictured here.

use cell phonePlayHere On-Demand Videos
Bringing Parks to Homes

Staff and docent-led activities inside the parks are on hold during the shelter in place period, but we've been busy finding new ways to bring parks to you. Check out our lineup of virtual activities and videos at the link below or visit our education page​ for more information on interpretive programs. From story time to craft demonstrations to museum tours...there's something here for everyone! Bookmark the page to see new videos each week.

playhere videos

​New and Returning Park Visitor Tips

What you need to know before visiting a County Park. There's plenty of good information in this short video for new and returning visitors on how to be prepared and to enjoy your County Parks safely.​

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