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Project Task Force Information and Meetings

Published on: 10/24/2013 11:07 AM

The purpose of a Task Force is to bring the diverse ideas and perspectives of the community into the planning process. As an advisory body, members represent a wide range of interests and serve as information conduits, bringing input from the public to the Task Force Committee for consideration. Members will work together with the Project Team to develop reasonable goals for the Master Plan. They will also achieve agreement for a Plan that embodies these goals. They will report back to the community and their representative groups on the process as ideas are formulated and a plan is developed.

 Role of the Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch Master Plan Task Force

In order to achieve the purpose envisioned for the Master Plan Task Force, members will provide input and give feedback to the Project Team (project consultants and County staff) at critical stages throughout the master planning process. All input will be given careful consideration and weighed against the goals of the plan. The Draft Master Plan developed by the Task Force and the Project Team will be forwarded to the Parks and Recreation Commission for approval. The task force process is based on consensus building, therefore, acknowledgement and respect of all ideas presented is essential, even if they are not incorporated into the final plan.

 Responsibilities of a Task Force Member

  1. Attend all regular task force meetings to provide input and participate in the Plan's development. It is anticipated that there will be 8 to 12 Task Force meetings over an 18 to 24 month period. Each Task Force meeting will last about 2 hours. Task force members will be notified of meeting times and locations.
  2. Work together with the Project Team to develop goals and build consensus for a Master Plan that embodies these goals.
  3. Review Task Force meeting packets in advance and gather input prior to meetings. Packets will be prepared and distributed in advance of the meetings.
  4. Attend Master Plan community meetings to hear public comment on plan development throughout the process.
  5. Report back to the community and their representative groups on the Master Plan process as ideas are formulated and a plan is developed.
  6. Endorse a Draft Master Plan for Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park to be forwarded to the County Parks and Recreation Commission for approval.
Advisory Members
  Name Association Representation Contact Information
1 Elish Ryan County Parks Planning County Parks (408) 355-2236
2 Lee Steinmetz Planning Consultant County Parks (831)646-1383
3 Rachael Gibson Board of Supervisors Land Use Aide Supervisory District One (408) 299-3273
Participatory Members
  Name Association  Representation And other areas of interest Contact Information
1 Fadi Saba Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Commissioner Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Commission
(408) 279-3879
2 Brent Bear Former  Bear Ranch landowner & local resident Site Background & History / Neighborhood Ca5bears@ix.
3 Bill Konle Former SM Plan Ad. Committee member, SCVWD Ad, Comm Adjacent Neighborhood Community at large / Golf
(408) 779-9255 (FAX)
4 Jan Webb Parks Volunteer  Council member, 1989 Task Force Member, equestrian groups Equestrians / Trails
5 Mary Lou Fitzpatrick Bay Area Ridge TrailAdvisory Committee Trails and Hiking
6 Richard Von Bargen Local Resident Boating / water sports / golf recreation & open space
(408) 683-0991
7 Alicia Borowski ROMP Mt.biking & hiking, Plant preservation
(408) 847-6243
8 Carla Ruigh Local municipality Parks Manager Camping / Recreation Programs / Day Use
9 Frank Croft Roop Road Land Owner Environmental Preservation & Mapping Neighborhood
10 Kathy Rairden SJ State Science Education Resource Center Instructor Day Use / Natural Res. Environmental Preserve
11 Doug Reynaud Adjacent Land Owner on Hot Springs Rd. Ranching / Trails / Parks Advocacy
12 Brian Seifert Local Resident Recreation Mgmt. Natural Resources Equestrian
​13 ​Michael Patterson ​San Martin Planning Advisory Committee Member ​San Martin Planning Area Matters
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