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Natural Resource Management

Published on: 10/26/2015 1:57 PM
Natural Resource ManagementNatural Resource Management Program assures that your regional parks are protected and, in some cases, enhanced and restored. Preservation of natural systems, biodiversity and special status species, and restoration of degraded habitats are all goals of the Santa Clara County Park’s Natural Resource Program.

Various programs have been developed by the Santa Clara County Park’s Natural Resource Program to protect and preserve some of the county’s most valuable natural resources in a science-based approach. These programs include: Vegetation Management (including invasive plant control, cattle management & prescribed burns), Rare Plants, Inventory and monitoring (adaptive management), Fisheries and Wildlife and Trails Program (addressing impacts to the Parks natural resources through trail maintenance, trail construction & re-construction, trail rehabilitation & re-routes and trail removals).

We’ll continue to protect and preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of your parks so you can enjoy all that nature has to offer!
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