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 Eagle Scout and CHANGE projects

Published on: 7/11/2018 2:56 PM


Thank you for your interest in completing your project with Santa Clara County Parks! As a community organization, we are committed to supporting youth and their contributions to the community. We are prepared to help youth learn the skills of project management and taking responsibility for a significant accomplishment.

Here are the specific projects that have been identified:

Coyote Lake County Park

Scope of work: Fishing Line recycling stations

Environemntal problem: environmental pollutants

Tools and materials: Shared between county parks and youth

Training provided: Project plan organization and implementation. Pictures and plans available to install a series of PVC pipe and post receptacles along the lake 

Steven’s Creek County Park

Scope of Work: There are a variety of tasks to be completed at the Archery Range: rebuild target platforms, replace fencing, replace footbridge, painting gates, trail maintenance, building a new surface for stable shooting positions, new split rail fence in parking area, rebuild retaining walls, rebuilding trailer for the quad, and much more

Environmental problem: site restoration

Tools and materials: Some tools provided by Bowhunters but all others must be provided or fundraised by the scout

Training provided: Work closely with range master on proper design and implementation


Martial Cottle

Scope of work: Integrated Pest Management and Drought Tolerant Landscaping. Work with various agency partners to remove exotic species; install weed barriers and mulch; perform various tree and shrub care and plant/maintain garden and greenhouse plots

Environmental problem: habitat restoration, resource conservation

Tools and materials: Gloves, hand tools, wood, screws

Training provided: Tree and shrub care and how to identify California native plants; how to maintain raised garden beds; greenhouse/shade house operations; nitrogen fixing methods; and bee pollination

Joseph D. Grant County Park

Project #1
Scope of work: Amphitheater bench seat installation – create layout of the bench seating. Holes to be cleaned out by hand with post hole diggers. Mix concrete and pour in holes along with the galvanized, pedestal seat supports. The benches will be attached to the supports when lowered into the concrete and braced until concrete cures.
Tools and materials: Hand tools, concrete mixer, hammers, power saws, digging bars
Training provided: Lessons on layout of a project prior to start including tools needed, materials, and quantity of materials needed. Reasoning for plan, mixing concrete, proper and level hole digging techniques, bracing and leveling finish work.
Project #2
Scope of work: Turn out Pen at Canada De Pala Group Site – dig holes and install 6x6 corner posts, place T stakes in between corner posts, string non- barbed five-string wire, install access gate
Environmental problem: wildlife conservation
Tools and materials: Tools can be provided but materials list will be developed with ranger on site. 
Training provided: How to set corner posts using a string to make a straight fence and how to string a wire fence using a fence stretcher and fence tool
Almaden Quicksilver County Park off Senador Mine Trail
Scope of work: Design and replace a natural spring box and water pipe feeding a horse trough, that native wildlife drink from as well as visitor horses.
Environmental Problem: Drought
Tools and materials: Materials provided
Training provided: Work closely with maintenance and learn equestrian park management
Anderson County Park Coyote Creek Bikeway Historical Orchard Project - Phase 1          
Background:At the Coyote Creek Bikeway visitor center there is an area for an historical orchard.  This Orchard was built when the building was built in 2012. 
All but 2 fruit trees have died due to several factors.  One of those factors was from wildlife eating the leaves of the tree.
Before we replant the Orchard, we need to try to keep the wildlife out.  We are going to be doing this by fence off the area.  Along with using fence we will also be using hog wire to keep the small animals out too.
Scope of Work:This project will require approximately 25 posts to be dug and put in the ground, 3 rails and hog wire to be anchored in the ground and secured along the whole fence. A gate will also be needed which will need to be built.
Materials the park will provide:post, rails, hog wire, and anchors.
Materials scout will provide: Bolts, washers and nuts.  Gate hardware and a locking hasp.
Calero County Park Mockingbird Picnic Area
Scope of work: Design and replace a horseshoe pit
Environmental Problem: None
Tools and materials: Materials, tools, and PPE provided
Training provided: Work closely with maintenance staff  
 You Can Apply for these Projects HERE



The Eagle Scout service project belongs to the Eagle Scout candidate. His parents and others may help, but the Scout must be the leader.

  1. Submit request to volunteer office of possible Eagle Scout projects
  2. Interview with park lead – go over “navigating the eagle scout service project”
  3. Prepare a project plan proposal (an overview and beginning process of planning)
  4. Notify park lead and volunteer program that project has been approved by BSA council
  5. Once project has been approved work with site lead to develop a plan for implementing project
  6. Have plan approved by site lead  before work begins
  7. Fundraise for materials if required for project
  8. Set up schedule with park lead to accomplish project
  9. Once project has been carried out, request approval from park lead


  • Fundraising for materials if requested by park lead
  • Yard sign to place at work site during project

NOTE: County Parks no longer allows Eagle Scout Project plaques to be placed at project location
If the park of your choice is not listed and you would like to propose a project you can apply HERE
For questions please contact the volunteer office: or
call (408) 918-4940

Please note requests cannot be considered less than 4 weeks in advance. You will have the best success if you make your request at least 8 weeks in advance and ideally at least 12-16 weeks in advance before having to present to the council. We will do the best we can to accommodate your request, however please note that not all requests will be granted.


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