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Since 1965, Our lawyers, paralegals, investigators and clerical staff have been dedicated to providing the best defense possible to all of our clients from misdemeanants to those charged with the most serious crimes. 
From explaining how the system works, to defending your case in front of a jury, to providing community outreach to deescalate police interactions, our elite legal defense team will stand by you and ensure the protection of your rights against what can often feel like a crushing criminal justice machine. 
We are honored to be Public Defenders, and will endeavor to tailor our services to meet your particular legal needs.  Welcome! 

Discover information about what to do when contacted by law enforcement, what will happen should you be arrested, and other information about the justice system

Did you miss a court date in court departments 42, 47, 48, 51 (previously 50), 52, 60, 62, or 63 and need to reschedule?  If so, please click here.

¿Perdió una cita en la corte en los departamentos de corte 42, 47, 48, 51 (anteriormente 50), 52, 60, 62 o 63 y necesita hacer una nueva cita? Si es así, por favor haga clic aquí​.

Bạn đã không ra ngày phải hầu toà  ở phòng xử số 42, 47, 48, 51 (trước đây là 50), 52, 60, 62, hay 63 và cần xin lại ngày mới?  Nếu vậy, xin nhấn vào đây​.

The Santa Clara County Department of Correction provides the most recent known ​information about inmates including the location the inmate is housed and the next scheduled court date  

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Find case file numbers and filing dates provided by the Santa Clara County Superior Court

More information about the Santa Clara County Superior Court can be found at


​​Main Office: 120 W. Mission St. San Jose, CA 95110 408-299-7700 | Other Office Locations Courthouse Locations​