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CA Criminal Justice Realignment

What Is Realignment?

Legislation to reduce the prospective prison population as well as encourage counties to invest in rehabilitative programming for its offenders to reduce recidivism.

Hopes For Realignment

  • Increased use of community sanctions and programs, reduction in incarceration
  • Reduce recidivism by:
    • Providing access to treatment, housing and employment opportunities
    • Providing access to helpful people and services in the community
  • Reduce costs

Common Misconceptions

  • No inmates in state prison will be transferred to county jails
  • No inmates currently in state prison will be released early
  • All people sent to state prison will continue to serve their entire sentence in state prison
  • All people convicted of current or prior serious or violent offenses, felony sex offenses, and sex offenses against children will go to state prison

The New Sentencing Scheme

  • Low level felony offenders will serve their sentence in county jail
  • Excluded:
    • Violent felony current or prior convictions
    • Serious felony current or prior convictions
    • Anyone who registers as a sex offender

For a list of eligible 1170(h) offenses please click here.

What is Postrelease Community Supervision (PRCS)?

  • Some persons who would have formerly released on parole will now be subject to PRCS by the Probation Department
  • Persons will be subject to PRCS, which will consist of evidence-based practices
  • The person will be subject to agreed upon intermediate sanctions upon a showing of good cause without a violation hearing
    • Includes flash incarceration
    • Electronic monitoring
    • Community Service
Last updated: 1/23/2020 11:06 AM