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Measles Information for Clinicians

Measles in Santa Clara County​:
Since early March, there have been cases of measles in the Bay Area, including several confirmed cases in Santa Clara County. Public health departments in the Bay Area conducted contact investigations and notified individuals who might have been exposed.

Current Advisories and Updates from Santa Clara County:

Reporting cases of measles:
Report suspected or confirmed cases of measles immediately, while the patient is still in your office, by phone to Public Health at (408) 885-4214; after hours, call 408-998-3438 and ask for the Health Officer on call. Call, do not fax.

Consider/suspect measles in patients with a morbilliform rash that begins on the face and fever ≥101°F (38.3°C), especially if unvaccinated. Ask about measles vaccination status, onset and duration of fever and rash, exposure to other measles cases, travel history, and international visitors in the three weeks prior to illness. See the Measles QuickTool for a complete list of questions to ask.

Clinical tools and resources:

Patient handouts and information:

Santa Clara County measles information for the general public and patients:

 ​Symptoms of measles:​​​​​​​​


Last updated: 5/8/2018 8:31 AM