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Be Prepared

The following Public Health Emergency Preparedness Toolkits contain guidelines, strategies, insights and lessons learned, as well as key tools and prototypes for implementation. Click on the toolkits geared towards hospitals and medical providers.
Hospital Surge Capacity Toolkit
A toolkit intended to assist healthcare facilities in thinking through critical issues related to healthcare surge and to create comprehensive plans to address these needs.
Managing Mass Fatalities Toolkit
A comprehensive toolkit that evolved from recognition of the need for communities to increase their preparedness for managing mass fatalities. Its focus—the care and management of the dead—is one of the most difficult aspects of disaster response and recovery operations. Toolkit materials are based on lessons learned from actual events, including the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina. The toolkit provides scalable, operational direction and tools to guide jurisdictions in creating a local plan.


Last updated: 8/24/2017 12:15 PM