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Schools & Child Care Providers

California Immunization School La​w Training

Throughout the year, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department Immunization Program offers FREE immunization requirement trainings for school and childcare staff.

These trainings are geared toward teaching staff about immunization requirements for school and childcare entry, how to read immunization records, and how to correctly transcribe the information from the immunization record onto the California School Immunization Record (blue card). Principals, directors, registrars, nurses, health technicians, health clerks, secretaries, and those responsible with reading and transcribing immunization records are encouraged to attend.

Immunization Materials and Resources for School and Child Care Staff 
These materials and resources will help you to comply with the California School and Childcare Immunization Requirements as well as help you complete the California School Immunization Records.
Immunization Requirements for School and Child Care Entry 
The California School Immunization Law outlines the immunizations required for school and childcare entry. The school and childcare immunization requirements are not as comprehensive as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommendations. Please encourage parents to make sure their children receive all of the recommended vaccines in addition to the ones required for school and childcare entry.

Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools
Materials and guideline tools to encourage common understanding among educators, families, and health professionals about infectious diseases in group care settings for children is located on our Exposure Notices page​.


Santa Clara County Immunization Program
976 Lenzen Ave., Suite 1100 
San Jose, CA 95126
Telephone: (408) 792-5007 
Fax: (408) 947-8752

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