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Traffic Safe Communities Network (TSCN)

Traffic Safe Communities Network (TSCN) is a unique collaborative of traffic safety and active transportation stakeholders. For over 20 years, TSCN partners have addressed motor vehicle crashes, a leading cause of unintentional injury and deaths. In 2017, the California Highway Patrol reported 7,723 motor vehicle crashes that resulted in 111 deaths and 10,162 injuries in Santa Clara County. Together, TSCN members strive to reduce motor vehicle crashes and improve bicycle and pedestrian safety for all ages and abilities.

TSCN projects are led by the Steering Committee, and the full membership is co-chaired by the County’s Health Officer, Dr. Sara Cody, and County Supervisor Mike Wasserman. TSCN’s diverse partners represent engineering, planning, public health, injury prevention, trauma services, transportation, elected officials, education, older adults, emergency medical services, bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups, and other interested community organizations. The Steering Committee and full membership meet quarterly. Contact the Healthy Communities Branch of the Public Health Department using the contact information below for information on upcoming meetings and current projects.

To learn more about TSCN and other related efforts, please contact:

Healthy Communities Branch
Active and Safe Communities
1775 Story Road, Suite 120 
San Jose, CA 951262
Phone: (408) 793-2700
Fax: (408) 251-4014​
Last updated: 8/11/2020 2:17 PM