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Anthony L's Story

Anthony Transcript : PDF  [164 KB]

Anthony L. is 13 years old and a middle school student in east San José. Anthony has faced adversity growing up in his family and community. He is successful in school and in life by using sports as an outlet to stay focused and understanding his role as a big brother and neighbor. When asked what a safe and peaceful community means to him, Anthony responded:

“A safe community to me is no violence, no gangs, and everybody getting along. We would all be working together.”

When Anthony is not doing homework, he seeks out positive interactions with neighborhood kids. This gives him the sense of being a good role model.

“I go outside and play with the neighbor’s kids.  I play basketball, soccer and football with them.”

Anthony says his role in creating a safe and peaceful community is by staying physically active in his neighborhood. Involvement in his community helps him avoid potential trouble that may otherwise present itself.

“My role in a safe and peaceful community is being a kid and doing what kids do. Some kids do other stuff – maybe because they’re bored. Maybe they’re bored because they are already done with their homework and they don’t have anything else to do.  That’s why I play sports, so I don’t have to do other stuff, so I don’t have time to do bad stuff. I have little brothers watching me all the time and everything I do. I think I am a role model to my little brothers.”

Anthony’s story is an example of how we all play a role in a safe and peaceful community. If you have an inspirational story you would like to share, please tell us about it. We want to hear from you. Visit
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Last updated: 9/26/2018 11:44 AM