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Kyle B's Story

Kyle B Audio:   [02:40]                  Kyle B Transcript : PDF  [156 KB]


Deputy Kyle B. works for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office on gang suppression, intervention and prevention. A large part of his responsibility is to protect community members, but also to provide resources and support for people with violent pasts that will help them lead safe and peaceful lifestyles.
“We’re there usually in an enforcement capacity, but what I like to do, like I do every time I’m in contact with them, is always give them my business card to give them that option. And sometimes they’ll get my business card two or three times. Does it work every time? Of course not. People are going to decide to change their lives at different points and for different reasons. The more times I can intervene and give them the opportunity, the better.”
Deputy Kyle B. explains that being a “good role model” provides the foundation for a safe and peaceful community.
“I think the best part of law enforcement, and in general, is to be good role models for people growing up. I know as police officers and deputy sheriffs that’s what we really strive to be are “good role models.” Same thing in the community, be a good member in the community, be a good parent, be a good friend, be a good coach and when you’re talking to people just have the good in the community in mind.”
When off duty, he continues to find opportunities in his community to teach youth about life lessons.
“I coach little league baseball and we always try to not only coach the sport but teach some life lessons as well. Some of that is failing, responding and succeeding afterwards. You can fail and then learn from it and then succeed.”

Kyle's story is an example of how we all play a role in a safe and peaceful community. If you have an inspirational story you would like to share, please tell us about it. We want to hear from you. Visit
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Last updated: 10/15/2018 10:38 AM