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Don't Take the Vape

Image with a frog in a jar. Don't Take the Vape 

Protect Your Lungs - Vaping & COVID-19
Teens who smoke or vape could face higher risk of COVID-19 complications – including getting much sicker. Vaping can weaken lungs with toxic chemicals and fine metal particles – putting your body at a disadvantage for fighting infection.1 Being vape-free is a significant part of good lung health. Get help to quit vaping today and protect your lungs!

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Vapes  contain more than 30 different chemicals that can impact your body​.2

  • Inhaling formaldehyde, a chemical that preserves dead things, causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat – in addition to being known to cause cancer.3,4
  • Exposing your body to these chemicals has real consequences. Vaping can lead to shortness of breath, anxiety, mood swings – impacting your athletic performance, ability to sleep and concentrate, and your relationships with your friends and family.5,6,7
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Tired of Vaping & Tobacco Companies targeting you? Find out how to get involved and take action!​

  • There are many teens living here in Santa Clara County that are fed up with vaping companies marketing to them and spreading misinformation.

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Last updated: 9/15/2020 11:03 AM