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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are these services only for Black Women?
Babies born to Black women die at three times the rate of other babies in all populations within the first year of life. Black women die in childbirth at four times the rate of other women in all populations. Our mission is intended to address the issues of poor birth outcomes and health disparities that affect Black women and their babies.
Does BIH offer any services for fathers?
Yes, we do! Please contact Charles Jackson (Health Educator) at (408) 937-2283 regarding the 24/7 Dad Workshops.
Will I have to participate in the group sessions to be in the program?
Yes! BIH Mothers Empowerment Groups (MEG) is a group intervention designed to help women manage stress, build a support network and be empowered to make healthy choices for themselves and their babies. Group sessions offer engaging activities from a women’s health perspective that explore pregnancy, the birth and parenting.
Where are the group meetings held?
Group sessions are held at various locations within the local community. Transportation can be provided for those who may require this type of resource.
What will I receive by participating in SCCBIH?
Each BIH participant receives 10-week group sessions (prenatally/postpartum), life planning with a Family Health Advocate (FHA), complementary case management services and medical supports from our BIH Public Health nurse. BIH also provides participation incentives, baby shower items, wellness activities, lactation supports and transportation to groups. Additionally, BIH offers opportunities for mothers of African ancestry to connect with each other for social support.      
How do I sign-up or refer a mother?
Fill out a BIH interest card and our team will be in contact with her.
Last updated: 8/28/2018 1:32 PM