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Cultural Legacy

"A child in the mother's womb unfailingly takes some qualities from her."

                                                                                                                            ~ Ganda Proverb

Alex Haley, African American Author and Scholar wrote, "In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future." Like many of our neighbors in Santa Clara County, we are either new to the Bay Area or we have some ancestral roots to the valley. 
In understanding just how important our history is, BIH helps us unite with historical information, data, and by sharing a beautiful video compilation of local elders, called "Ties That Bind", to strengthen our community.         
Words of Wisdom and Strength from Our Elders
This Black Infant Health elders’ digital story project embraces African American Community members 85+ years share stories of struggles, challenges, and victories throughout their lives.   

Ties That Bind​​​​​

The project is a powerful and emotional advocacy instrument ... 
that is a combined effort of the BIH Community Advisory Board (CAB) and Public Health Department (PHD) providing outreach to the African American community at large, regarding current racial and health equity issues (i.e. Racism and Stress) by promoting health. The videos are  a strength based empowerment tool to encourage all women and their families   by exemplifying  stories of “resilience” and “wellbeing” through the lens of our ancestors to move beyond any limitations or barriers and to help find the inspiration to manage and evolve from stressors in their life.  
Additional local and national Cultural Legacy material:  
​Click the images to view each video.​


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