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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness of mom and baby is vital to build strong healthy communitiesAs part of our health and wellness services, we offer complimentary case management, public health nursing, and additional supportive services and workshops.

Complimentary Case Management
BIH acts on the assumption that participants have the strength and resilience to improve their health for themselves and their families. Through case management, participants receive individualized guidance and support regarding nutrition, pre-term labor, breastfeeding, stress management, self-esteem and healthy relationships. Each participant develops an individualized Life Plan that identifies their future and clarifies goals/challenges to move forward within their lives. Life Planning is the core case management intervention and focuses on 3 broad areas health, relationships and finances. Successful goal setting for participants is reinforced by the group sessions activities and integrated into the life planning process.
Public Health Nursing
BIH participants can receive support from the BIH Public Health Nurse (PHN) who has experience in maternal, infant and child health. The BIH PHN provides medical health education, care coordination with medical case management, home visits, mental health screenings and home safety assessments. BIH PHN’s works directly within the BIH team and provides supplemental facilitation and outreach for group sessions which focus on medical health education.     
In addition to the BIH standard curriculum, the program also offers additional related supportive services to support the needs of our community. 

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