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Background Information

Unused Medication Wastage:

  1. Financial cost of medications discarded annually in skilled nursing facilities
  2. United States: $2 billion4
  3. California: $100 million8
  4. Potential to salvage 10 million prescriptions worth ~$700 million2,3 

Need for Free Medications:

  1. About 23% of American adults miss doses or skip prescriptions due to cost4
  2. Restricted access to medications associated with5:
    • Worsened health outcomes
    • Increased risk of cardiovascular events
  3. Other possible consequences:
    • About half families filing for bankruptcies due to healthcare debt6
    • Over $18 billion dollars spent on Emergency Department visits that could be avoided7 Disposing of Unused Drugs Harms Our Environment and Our Health.
      Unused medication is currently dumped or burned and ends up in our waterways and our air. 


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Last updated: 8/22/2018 9:07 AM