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Staff Directory

Last modified: 7/15/2013 5:58 PM
Director, Department of Planning and Development  
Manager, Planning Office



BRENTON, Dawn 408.299.6722 Manager: Office Support Services
EASTWOOD, Rob 408.299.5792 Principal Planner: Environmental Planning
RUDHOLM, Gary 408.299.5747 Senior Planner: Post-Approval Monitoring
SHOE, Bill 408.299.5749 Principal Planner: Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Administration
WALSH, Carolyn ​408.299.5773 ​Principal Planner: Current Planning



BAKER, Jim 408.299.5774 County Geologist
BAZHAW, Greg 408.299.5776 GIS Analyst
BORGSTROM, Steve 408.299.5778 GIS Technician
CHERUKURU, Priya 408.299.5787 Planner and Historical Heritage Coordinator
CONNOLLY, Mark 408.299.5786 Planner and ALUC Staff
DOLAN, Michael 408.299.5782 Engineering Technician
HILBRANTS, Carl 408.299.5781 Planner
KUMAR, Kavitha 408.299.5783 Planner
LAIMAN, Clara 408.299.6713 Office Specialist
MAURER, Cherry 408.299.5746 Planner
NAPIER, Michele 408.299.6714 Board Clerk
ODA, Colleen 408.299.5797 Planner
ORNELAS-WISE, Sylvia 408.299.5759 Planner
PEDEN, Ann 408.299.5748 Environmental Health Specialist
PERALTA, Sheila​ ​408.299.6712 ​Office Specialist
RADER, David 408.299.5779 Planner
REILLY, James 408.299.5799 Planner
ROOK, Kim 408.299.5790 Planner
ROSS, Steve 408.299.5791 Planner
RUSH, Marina 408.299.5784 Planner
SALISBURY, Robert 408.299.5785 Planner
SCHIBLER, Laura 408.299.6716 Office Specialist
THOMPSON, Matthew 408.299.6708 GIS Technician
WU, Pamela 408.299.5775 Planner and ASA Secretary


Santa Clara County Planning Office
70 W. Hedding Street
7th Floor, East Wing
San Jose, CA 95110


408.299.5770 voice 
408.288.9198 fax



Department of Planning and Development