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Projections and Estimates

Last modified: 3/8/2013 11:24 AM

ABAG Projections
These reports attached below contain excerpts from the Projections publication produced by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). ABAG's Projections publication contains demographic projections on population, labor force, households, income, and jobs for the Bay Area's region, counties, and cities to the Year 2030/2035. Projections uses a sophisticated modeling system to forecast the demographic and economic growth of the Bay Area Region based on land availability, economic components, and other demographic characteristics. This information allows us to predict what might occur in the future based on current conditions and trends, however, do not represent actual changes. Future growth can be influenced by changes in policies, demographic characteristics, economics, or other influences.  For more information about Projections, or to obtain a copy for all of Santa Clara County or the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area, please go to ABAG's website.

Population and Housing Estimates

Historical population estimates and components of change (births, deaths, and migration) for Santa Clara County calculated by the State of California, Department of Finance. For methodology of estimates, please see original document referenced in the table.

Historical Population Estimates for Santa Clara County 1980-2010 xls icon (93KB)
PDF icon (53KB)

The attached Population and Housing Estimates files contain the official State annual population and housing estimates calculated by the State of California, Department of Finance. These estimates include each city, the unincorporated area, and the totals for Santa Clara County.  Estimates for previous years are revised.  Tables for all years and for all counties are available at the Department of Finance Demographic Reports web page:

(Note: PDF files are supported by the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. XLS files are supported by Microsoft Excel.)


Population Projections