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Draft Agricultural Preserve Maps

Last modified: 1/14/2013 2:28 PM

These maps provide an overview of the proposed Agricultural Preserve. Detailed maps are also provided which show the parcels recommended not to be included within the Preserve.

Overview Maps

Proposed Agricultural Preserve (PDF)
Proposed Preserve with Supervisorial Districts (PDF)

Detailed Maps

Milpitas Urban Service Area (PDF)
Los Gatos Urban Service Area (PDF)
Sunnyvale Urban Service Area (PDF)
Gilroy Urban Service Area (PDF)
Saratoga Urban Service Area (PDF)
San Martin and Environs (PDF)
Highway 152 / Pacheco and Environs (PDF)
Watsonville Road / Hecker Pass Hwy Area (PDF)
Paradise Valley and Environs (PDF)
East Foothills (north) and Environs (PDF)
East Foothills (south) and Environs (PDF)