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About Us

ABC Zoning Clearance (Alcoholic Beverage Control)

Acknowledgements and Agreements Form

Administrative Permit

Agricultural Building Exemption

Agricultural Building Exemption: Application Materials

Airport Land-Use Commission

Airport Land-Use Commission Agenda

Airport Land-Use Commission Roster

Application Form (Master Application Form)

Application Materials


Appeal: Application Materials

Architecture & Site Approval

Architecture & Site Approval: Application Materials

Architecture & Site Approval Committee Agenda




Bingo License

Bingo: Application Materials

Biological Consultant List​

Brochures: Miscellaneous

Building Height Calculation Brochure

Building Permit  (External Site)

Building Setbacks

Building Site Approval

Building Site Approval: Application Materials

Bulletin A: Septic System Design Standards  (External Site)

Business License Information







California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)  (External Site)


Cellular (Wireless) Telecommunications Facilities Guidelines

Census 2000

Census Insights Project

CEQA Documents (Active and Recent Projects)

CEQA Forms

Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance: Application Materials

Clean Water Program Questionnaire

Code Enforcement

Contact Information

County Ordinance Code  (External Site)

County Profile

Coyote Greenbelt






Dance License

Dance: Application Materials

Deed Restriction Form: Secondary Dwellings

Demographic Projections and Estimates

Department Organization Chart​​

Design Guidelines for Golf Courses

Design Review

Design Review: Application Materials

Design Review Guidelines

Development Activity in Santa Clara County

Development Projects (Current, Major)

DMV Zoning Clearance (Department of Motor Vehicles)





Endangered Species Act (External Site)

Entertainment Event Permit

Entertainment Event: Application Materials

Environmental Assessment Forms

Environmental Assessment Procedures

Environmental Documents

Environmental Protection




Facts and Figures

Fault Rupture Hazard Zones Maps


Fence Height Limitations (Zoning Ord: Ch 4.20)

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling: Application Materials




General Plan

General Plan Conformance and Contiguity/ Annexation Form

General Plan Land Use Map

Geologic Hazard Zones

Geology and Natural Hazards

Geology: Fault Rupture Hazard Zones Maps

Geology: Landslide Hazard Zones Maps

Geology: Liquefaction Hazard Zones Maps

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Golf Course Design Guidelines

Grading Approval

Grading Approval: Application Materials

Granny Units

GRASS Report

Green Building  (External Site)




Habitat Conservation Plan

Hansen (Permanente) Quarry

Height Calculation Brochure

Heritage Assessment Report

Heritage Resource Inventory

Historic Heritage Commission

Historic Heritage Grant Program

Historic Preservation 

Historic Preservation Month

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Historic Preservation Zoning Districts

Home Occupation

Home Occupation: Application Materials

Housing Element Update






INFO Reports (County Data)

In-Law Units








Land Use Applications

Landscape Checklist​

Landscape Ordinance

Landslide Hazard Zones Maps

Large Group Assembly Facilities

Lehigh (Permanente) Quarry

Liquefaction Hazard Zones Maps

Livestock Regulations

Location and Office Hours

Los Altos Floor Area Ratio (-n1)

Los Altos Floor Area Study

Los Gatos Hillside Specific Plan   (External Site)

Lot Line Adjustment

Lot Line Adjustment: Application Materials

Lot Merger

Lot Merger: Application Materials







Maps & GIS

Maps: Fault Rupture Hazard Zones

Maps: Landslide Hazard Zones

Maps: Liquefaction Hazard Zones

Maps: Miscellaneous

Master Application Form

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Calendar

Mills Act

Milpitas USA Modification

Mission and Purpose of Planning Office

Morgan Hill Urban Growth Boundary








n1 Handout (Los Altos FAR)

Nonconforming Uses and Structures (Zoning Ord: Ch 4.50)







Oak Woodlands: Development Requirements

Oak Woodlands Management Plan

Office Hours

Open Space Easement Compatible Use Determination

Ordinance Code  (External Site)

Organization Chart​







Parade License

Parade: Application Materials

Parking (Zoning Ord: Ch 4.30)

Participant Statistical Area Program (PSAP)

Permanente Quarry


Permits and Development

Planning Commission

Planning Commission Agenda

Planning Studies

Plans & Programs

Post-Approval Monitoring


Projects (Current, Major)​​

Property Profile







Quarries (Surface Mining)






Rebuild/ Remodel Definition

Riparian Protection Ordinance

RV Guidelines





San Jose Greenline Initiative

San Martin

San Martin Integrated Design Plan

San Martin Planning Advisory Committee Agenda

San Martin Planning Area Map

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan -- A Conservation Legacy

Secondary Dwellings

Secondary Dwellings: Deed Restriction Form

Septic System Design Standards  (External Site)

Signs (Zoning Ord: Ch 4.40)

Single-Family Residence

Site Plan Instructions

Slope-Density Calculation

Solar Energy​

South County Joint Area Plan

South County Joint Planning Advisory Committee

Special Permit

Special Permit: Application Materials

Staff Directory

Stanford University Planning Program

Stanford University: Community Plan

Stanford University: General Use Permit (GUP)

Stanford University: GUP Checklist

Stanford University: Sustainable Development Study

Stanford University: Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP)

Stanford University: Plans, Reports and Documents

State License Clearance

State License Clearance: Application Materials

Story Poles


Subdivision: Application Materials

Surface Mining (SMARA)





Temporary Residence

Tree Preservation and Removal

Tree Removal Permit





Underground Utility Waiver

Urban Pockets Program

Use Permit

Use Permit: Application Materials





Viewshed Protection Study





Water Resources Protection Collaborative

Watershed Management Initiative

Well Information Questionnaire

West Valley Hillsides Joint Planning Study

Williamson Act & OSE Program

Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination

Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination: Application Materials

Wineries & Agri-tourism

Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Design Guidelines





Zoning Administration Agenda

Zoning Interpretation

Zoning Maps

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance Amendments (Recent or In Process)

Zoning: Property Profile

Zoning Text Amendment / Rezoning


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