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Geology and Natural Hazards

Last modified: 8/26/2014 11:23 AM

Santa Clara County is situated in one of the most geologically active regions in North America.  As a matter of public safety, geologic review is required for proposed development on land located within a geologic hazard zone, or any proposed development or ground disturbance that may increase the risk of damage caused by a geologic hazard. 

Other natural hazards that are evaluated with land development include wildfires and flooding.  The Planning Office coordinates with other agencies in evaluating such hazards.


 Quake Map Image

Geologic Hazards and Development Review Procedures
Information about geologic hazards, report requirements and other procedural information.

County Geologic Ordinance
Chapter IV of Division C12 of the County Ordinance Code.  Adopted March 2002.

Geologic Hazard Maps and Data
Includes maps and data and links to State of California Geological Survey sites.

List of Certified Engineering Geologists
Licensed geologists who have indicated willingness to work on sites in Santa Clara County.


Fire Marshal
Link to the County Fire Marshal's Office site.

Regional Fire Hazard Maps (ABAG)
Various fire hazard maps from the Association of Bay Area Governments.


Link to the Santa Clara Valley Water District site.

Flood Maps (FEMA)
Official flood maps from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Database searchable by street address.