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Permits & Development

Last modified: 10/21/2014 12:32 PM

Building Setbacks
Information on building setbacks and property lines.

Development Activity
List of recent land development applications.

Environmental Protection
Environmental assessment and protection procedures, policies and documents.

Geology and Natural Hazards
Geologic hazard information, maps and policies. Links to fire and flooding hazard information.

Landscape Ordinance
Division B33: Water Conservation in Landscaping. Related documents.

Property Info Graphic

Land-use and development permit information, application procedures and forms.

Property Profile
Designed to provide the public with useful information about a parcel's location and jurisdiction, General Plan designation, Zoning, and other data of interest.

Secondary Dwellings
Regulations and procedures for secondary dwellings.

Single-Family Residence
Information on residential construction requirements.

Tree Preservation and Removal
Tree preservation regulations, and permitting requirements for tree removal.

Williamson Act
The California Land Conservation Act, an agricultural land protection program.

Zoning Ordinance
Appendix A of the Santa Clara County Ordinance Code.