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Application Materials: Agricultural Building Exemption

Last modified: 4/15/2013 1:09 PM
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    Master Application Form

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8 Site Plans, Floor Plans and Elevations
1 Agricultural Exemption Clearance Form
1 Septic System Plan (field-checked by DEH)
1 Assessor's Parcel Map  
1 Acknowledgements and Agreements Form

Plans must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, sheet size 18”x 24” minimum to 24”x36” maximum.  Plans (site plan, floor plan, elevation) shall be stapled as sets, and folded to 9 x 12 inch size.  For more detailed application instructions, click here.


Additional Information and Materials that May be Required


Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination
Required if subject parcel is under a Williamson Act contract.  It is strongly suggested that this determination be applied for and resolved prior to application submittal.  An additional fee is required.