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Viewshed Protection Planning – March 2006 Community Meetings

Last modified: 3/5/2012 12:04 PM

A series of community meetings was held during the last two weeks of March to provide information to the public and property owners, review possible policy and regulation changes, and obtain further community input.

Each of the three meetings targeted potentially affected property owners from defined geographic areas: east foothills, south county hillsides, and west valley hillsides.  Following these meetings, staff reported to the Board of Supervisors on community input, which will help inform future staff recommendations.

More Information:

Stakeholders Meetings Summary
Staff Presentation
Listing of Candidate Parcels by APN and Owner's Last Name.

Schedule of Community Outreach Meetings
Notice of Meeting #1 (3/23; East Hillsides of Milpitas and San Jose)
Notice of Meeting #2 (3/28; South County Hillside Areas; )
Notice of Meeting #3 (3/30; West Hillside Areas, North of Almaden Quicksilver Park)

Summary of Meeting Notes
Meeting #1 (3/23)
Meeting #2 (3/28)
Meeting #3 (3/30)