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The Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative

Last modified: 3/5/2012 12:05 PM

The Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative (WMI), initiated in 1996, is a collaborative effort of representatives from business and industrial sectors; professional and trade organizations; civic, environmental, resource conservation and agricultural groups; regional and local public agencies; and the general public.  These groups have joined forces to address: water rights and water supply reliability, flood management, regulatory compliance, land use, and public awareness and involvement.  With a vested interest in future basin management and health, these participants are committed to improving basin conditions.

The goals of the WMI are:

  • Ensure that the WMI is a broad, consensus-based process.
  • Ensure that necessary resources are provided for WMI implementation.
  • Simplify compliance with regulatory requirements without compromising environmental protection.
  • Balance the objectives of water supply management, habitat protection, flood management and land use to protect and enhance water quality.
  • Protect and/or restore streams, reservoirs, wetlands and the Bay for the benefit of fish, wildlife and human uses.
  • Implement the Watershed Action Plan and ensure that it is continuously improved with current scientific information.

For current information about the WMI, refer to the Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative website.