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Court Unit FAQs

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Court Assignment FAQs
How can someone get out on O.R. after they have been denied release at Arraignment [first court appearance]?
​The Defense attorney handling the case can make a further motion(s) for O.R., Supervised O.R. release and/or bail reduction, provided there are some changed circumstances in the case. Please consult with the defense attorney for further information. 
How do I get directions to a [specific] Court facility? What is their telephone number?
​Please see the following link to the various facilities of the Santa Clara County Superior Court 
How can I find out who [Public Defender or Alternate Defender] is assigned to my case?
​Contact the Public Defender’s Office or the Alternate Defender’s Office at the above link and provide them with a name and case [docket] number, along with the next court date, if known. 
What am I ‘looking at’ (as a possible sentence)?
​Pretrial Services does not provide legal advice. Such question(s) need to be discussed with the attorney handling your case.
Last updated: 8/12/2020 11:26 AM