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Supervision Services

Last modified: 3/5/2012 12:11 PM

Probation Supervision
All supervision cases are initially assessed and referred for services by the Assessment Unit. The level of supervision and reporting standards that establish field contact frequency are determined through comprehensive risk and need assessments. Following assessment, five supervision units at three sites provide general and intensive supervision services for all adult probation clients in Santa Clara County. The most serious offenders that pose the greatest risk to the community and to victims are placed on intensive supervision. Probation officers monitor client compliance with Court orders, participation in treatment programs, completion of community service, and payment of restitution to victims.

Administrative Monitoring
Probation officers supervise minimum-risk adult clients who have scored low on the risk and need assessment or have made satisfactory adjustment to probation over time.

Domestic Violence Offender Supervision
Service provided through a specialized unit that supervises the most serious domestic violence offenders who pose a threat to victims and the community and certifies mandated batterer’s intervention programs.