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Adult Probation Treatment and Diversion Services

Last modified: 3/5/2012 12:11 PM
The Recovery Services Unit, Substance Abuse Unit and Drug Treatment Court provide services for adult clients with substance abuse offenses in four distinct program areas.
Recovery Services
Provided by the Recovery Services Unit established in response to State mandated Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (Proposition 36 - The Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act Handbook). Consists of assessment, treatment, and supervision in lieu of incarceration for non-violent substance abusers.
Court Services
The Drug Treatment Court (DTC) provides intensive supervision and collaborative services for clients with more serious drug- related offenses. In DTC, the client makes frequent Court appearances and participates in a highly structured regime of supervision, treatment and drug testing.
Substance Abuse Program
The Substance Abuse Unit supervises clients with one or more Driving Under the Influence (DUI) convictions.
Deferred Entry of Judgment
Diversion program that monitors first time drug offenders for treatment and substance abuse education program completion.