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Extra-Help Positions

Last modified: 9/7/2016 11:54 AM

Group Counselor I | Part-Time | ​$27.33 Hourly | Continuous

Assist in the supervision of a group of juveniles or adults detained in a detention facility.  Learn to organize and/or supervise leisure time activities, such as games, athletics, and crafts and encourage participation. Prepare observation or incident reports on detainees' attitudes, behavior, appearance, interests, skills, progress, and needs. Maintain security and safety of the facility at all times.

Probation Counselor I | Part-Time | ​$36.00 Hourly | Continuous

Under close supervision, to become knowledgeable in the principles and techniques of supervising and counseling persons while in custody and in the community; to assist in the supervision and/or counseling of juvenile or adults committed to a rehabilitative facility while they are in the facility, outside on work crews, or in the community.

Probation Assistant I | Part-Time | ​$27.09 Hourly | Continuous

The class of Probation Assistant I is a trainee position.  Incumbents are assigned tasks of a well-defined nature.  Supervision decreases as more experience is gained and incumbents are not required to become knowledgeable in long-term counseling techniques.  Incumbents exercise a care and custodial function over a unit dormitory and/or individual rooms and are not expected to engage in regular counseling.

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