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Juvenile Probation Supervision Services

Last modified: 3/5/2012 12:12 PM

Probation Supervision
Investigation services include an evaluation of the social and legal aspects of the case as well as a recommendation to the Court as to disposition. Supervision services include referral to community and school services as well as assuring compliance with Court orders.

Alternative Placement Academy (APA)
A school-based collaborative program that supports in-home placement for high-risk youth that had been previously Court ordered to a juvenile rehabilitation facility or out-of-home placement.

First Offender Close Up Services (FOCUS)
FOCUS is an intensive assessment and supervision service for first-time offenders based on early identification and close monitoring to prevent further delinquency.

Gang Violence Suppression
Provided by a probation unit that specializes in the investigation and supervision of adult and juvenile offenders with high-risk gang involvement. Unit coordinates closely with law enforcement agencies, community services, schools, and citizen groups to prevent gang related crime and violence.

Court Support
Provided by a probation unit that represents the Probation Department in all juvenile court hearings.

Placement/Foster Care
Provided by a probation unit that is responsible for locating an appropriate out-of-home placement for clients with unique treatment and residential requirements and providing ongoing case work services to support family reunification.

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