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Advance Notice of Intent to Waive Competition

This information is designed to inform the vendor community and the public that the County of Santa Clara intends to enter into a non-competitive contract (known as a bid waiver or a sole/single source procurement) to purchase a product or service. While the County is not required to do so, we believe providing this information will foster full and open competition. 

Disclaimer: This service is provided for convenience only and does not serve as a guarantee of notification. Potential vendors are encouraged to submit a statement of capabilities without pricing (please read the instructions below). However, the County, in its sole discretion, shall determine whether to proceed with a waiver of competition and enter into negotiations with the pre-identified vendor. This communication may be the only notice of this action.  


Instructions to Provide Industry Comment

  If you believe you are a qualified vendor for a project listed in the table below,

1. Please complete and submit the web form below without including pricing,

2. If you must submit an attachment after completing the form, email the attachment without including pricing directly to the listed Procurement Officer.



LEDCEO - County Executive Office e-Learning Content and Referecne Library Anu Ethiraj11/26/201912/13/2019
10025361 HHS - Health and Hospital Services Functional electrical stimulation (FES) station Yimin Tseng12/2/201912/16/2019
BHSD-Sing-11/25/2019 RDA - Department of Roads & Airport Professional Engineering Services for Street Electrical and Signal Design Ben Reyes12/2/201912/16/2019
VHP-SOL-11/14/2019 VHP - Valley Health Plan Statewide provider directory utility for Covered California Sagar Dholakia12/3/201912/17/2019
DAO-Sol-12/02/2019 DAO - District Attorney's Office STRmix Expert Forensic Software License and Associated Annual Support Fees Minh-Thao Nguyen12/3/201912/16/2019
BHSD-SOLE-09/17/2019 BHS - Behavioral Health Services Advicacy for Patients with Mental Illness  Ben Reyes12/4/201912/13/2019
BHSD-SING-12/5//2019 BHS - Behavioral Health Services NAMI Training Ben Reyes12/4/201912/13/2019
SSA-Sin-11/21/2019 SSA - Social Services Agency Organizational Health Leadership Training Michael Pangilinan12/4/201912/18/2019
HHS-Sin-10/1/2019 HHS - Health and Hospital Services Plasma and Biologics Beth Orero12/5/201912/19/2019
HHS-Sol-12/3/2019HHS - Health and Hospital ServicesPrismaFlex Machines Maintenance and TrainingBeth Orero12/5/201912/19/2019
County Communications  CEO - County Executive Office Wireless Internet Service Provider (20 mbps or higher) Minh-Thao Nguyen12/5/201912/19/2019
Sin-11/26/2019 PRC - Procurement Department Early Event Detection System Minh-Thao Nguyen12/9/201912/20/2019
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