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Vendor Registration

Published on: 6/8/2018 12:56 PM
Thank you for your interest in doing business with the County of Santa Clara!  Register today!
As a registered vendor, you will become part of the County’s vendor database for future solicitations resulting in one-time or contract opportunities.  The County encourages all vendors register in two systems as currently solicitations are issued in two systems, one for solicitations issued by the Procurement Department and another more widely used for solicitations issued by County Agencies and Departments. To be notified of all bidding opportunities, the County recommends vendors register in both systems.
Both online portals allow vendors, at no charge, to register and participate in bidding opportunities within the County.  Online registration can be completed within 15 minutes in each system.
Remember, to help your organization stay connected now and in the future, the County strongly encourages your organization actively maintain its company profiles in two key areas: users and commodity codes.
In your organization’s profile, you can add users with a specific role of responding to solicitations. Further, in your profile you can identify the commodity codes which your organization can provide. These commodity codes are used on a regular basis by the County to search for vendors, within each system, who supply and provide goods and services that can meet the County’s needs.