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Frequently Asked Questions

Published on: 6/15/2016 1:12 PM



The  Procurement Department's  regular  business  hours  are  Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Vendors are not required to make appointments with contracting staff. However, we know your time is valuable, therefore, to ensure you receive adequate and timely attention, we recommend that you make an appointment before visiting the Procurement Department.
The County of Santa Clara does not have designated vendor parking, however, most  County facilities have “visitor” parking which vendors can use.  Please do not park in County designated parking spaces or you will be cited.

You must be registered with BidSync in order to be able to receive notification of solicitations and to download solicitations and related addenda which are issued by the Procurement Department.

Bid opportunities

However, County Departments also issue solicitations independently for various types of contracting. These solicitations may not necessarily be posted on BidSync. You would need to contact each individual department to find out about those bid opportunities. SCC Agencies & Departments.

To find out what types of contracting is handled by individual departments visit How to do business with the County.

​The County of Santa Clara provides suppliers the opportunity to register to view and receive notification of bid opportunities through our on-line electronic bid management system called BidSync. There is no charge to register for or to use our bid management system. For information on how to register for BidSync, visit Vendor Registration
As a BidSync registered user, you can:
- Be included in our database of registered suppliers
- Receive commodity-based solicitation notifications
- View open solicitations
-Download solicitation documents
- Receive notification of amendments to specific solicitations
(Note: You must have downloaded the related solicitation document)
- View posted RFQ/bid abstracts
- View historical solicitations issued
If you are having technical problems getting registered in BidSync, contact BidSync directly at 1-800-990-9339.
To contact a specific individual based on their area of expertise and commodity assignment, please view our Contact and Commodity Assignment List
​The Procurement Department awards contracts for goods and related services and for non-professional services.
The following contracting activity is decentralized:
1. Construction:
Public Works/construction contracts are awarded by the following departments:
      Facilities and Fleet/Capital Programs awards construction contracts for all departments other than Parks & Recreation and Roads & Airports
2. Professional Services and Community Based Organization Contracts:
Professional service contracts and contracts with community based organizations are generally awarded by individual County
Departments. There are over 26 separate County agencies/departments handling these types of service contracts and you would need to contact each department.
Generally, Request for Quotations and Invitations to Bid are awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. Request for Proposals are generally awarded based on best value. Refer to each solicitation for specific information on basis of award for each contract/purchase order.
Generally fax or email responses on formal bid/proposals are not permitted.  Please refer to instructions on acceptable proposal response methods specified in each solicitation.
Bid results of recently awarded bids and RFQ’s are posted on BidSync. If you downloaded a copy of the specific bid/RFQ, you will be notified when bid results are posted on BidSync.
​The payment process in the County is decentralized.
Please contact the Accounts Payable Division of the department receiving the product or service to expedite late invoice payments. Contact information can be found on each purchase order or contract.
The County does not pay late charges.
Insurance is required when your company is awarded a bid/contract and your employee(s) are on County property, are transporting County clients, or are in possession of County data. Refer to the specific solicitation or contract for specific insurance requirements. Proof of insurance must be provided to the County before you start any work.
  • ​Click here to view open solicitations.
  • To register as a vendor with the County, click the Register link on the open solicitations page.
  • For more information regarding the County Procurement Department, visit the Procurement section of this website.