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About Us

Vision Statement

The vision of Santa Clara County Procurement Depa​rtment is to promote success through collaboration with client departments by providing the highest quality, contracting services through full and open competition, inclusion, fairness and use of best practices. ​

Mission Statement

The mission of the Santa Clara County Procurement Department is to support the success of client departments by promoting a customer-focused business culture and developing high quality best value contracts and solutions to meet our community’s needs through increased competition, inclusion, and the use of best practices. 


​Department Contact List

Administration, Property Disposal & Special Projects​

Amy Sardella

Financial and Administrative Services Manager

(408) 491-7419

Responsible for the financial, business and administrative functions of the Procurement Department & Property Disposal

Alexander Montes

Sr. Management Analyst

(408) 491-7463

Responsible for Procurement Emergency Response Coordination

Chris Collins

Administrative Support Officer II

(408) 491-7416

Manages facility functions, department's fleet and the County's Property Disposal Warehouse

Chris Oliverio

Sr. Warehouse Materials Handler

(408) 918-1934

Property disposal/warehouse inventory management

Huali Lu

Phone: (408) 491-7446


Data Support & Analytics

Jeanne Bailon

Administrative Assistant

(408) 491-7453

Administrative Support

Mike Nguyen

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7458

Measures of Success, Data Support and Analytics

Patrick Tisdale

Associate Management Analyst

(408) 491-7413

Human Resource Administrative Duties

Tiffani Lopez

Sr. Executive Assistant

(408) 491-7456/(408) 299-6003

Administrative Support​​​​​​​​
Centralized Contracting - Facilities Contracting​

The Facilities Team supports the purchase, rental and or lease of various products and related services that include, but are not limited to the following: HVAC, Fire Protection Services, Pest Control Services, Plumbing, Trailers, Portable Toilets, Furniture, Uniforms, Auto Parts, Janitorial Services, and Generators.

This division supports various County Departments, including: Facilities and Fleet, Facilities, Parks, Health & Hospital Systems(HHS), Roads, Airports, Sheriffs, Vector Control, Department of Corrections, and Social Services Agency.

Reynaldo Aralar

Procurement Manager

(408) 491-7402

Responsible for managing Facilities Contracting Team, including Procurement Contracts Specialists and Buyers.


Clinton Duerksen

Buyer III

(408) 491-7409                             

Fleet Batteries, Traffic Equipment, Parts and Supplies, Forklifts, Carts, Cargo Storage Solutions, GPS Solutions, Auto Batteries, Facilities Automation, Propane, Automobile Parts

Jaslin Yu

Program Manager II

(408) 491-7484              

Furniture Contracts; Moving Services; Goat Grazing Services; Gym Equipment; Window Washing; Facilities Maintenance Services; Chemicals, Movers, Small and Specialized Moves

Jayson Mampusti

Buyer II

(408) 491-7407

Janitorial Services; Heavy Equipment Rentals; Temperature Sensing Devices; and Disposal of Animal Remains

Jeff Low

Buyer II

(408) 491-7414             

MRO; Industrial Equipment and Supplies; Plumbing; Products and Fixtures; Plumbing Services; Facilities Maintenance Services; Window Washing; Chemicals; Fuel; Grease; Fuel Card; Pumps, Air Filters, Filters, Elevator Maintenance and Repair

Samuel Hirsch

Buyer II

(408) 491-7485              

Gym Equipment; Industrial Equipment, Building Maintenance Services, Elevator Services, Owner Furnish Projects and Facilities Equipment

Centralized Contracting - Information Technology & Telecommunications

Centralized Contracting - Information Technology and Telecommunications

The Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunication division manages all of the County’s IT and Telecommunication procurement and contracting activities, including but not limited to IT software and solutions, hardware, storage and network, telecom and security, IT implementation and consulting services. 

Caroline Kho

Strategic Sourcing Manager

(408) 491-7428 C  (408) 497-4107

Responsible for technology solutions and services acquisitions; provides direction, guidance and support for IT Contracting Unit of infrastructure/operational procurement and strategic sourcing teams.

Albert Dy

Strategic Sourcing Officer

(408) 491-7497

Strategic IT Sourcing, Procurement, Contracting and Vendor Management

Anu Ethiraj

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7431

Point of Contact for departments in County Finance and Government Operations Committee for all IT application software projects; Administers IT enterprise software contracts


Chris Eglesia

Buyer I

(408) 491-7489

Responsible for Hardware and Network Products and Services; Point of Contact for departments in County Health and Hospital System and Children/Seniors/Families Committees for IT application software projects.

David Strausser

Strategic Sourcing Officer

(408) 491-7447

Responsible for Systems, Hardware and Network Products and Services; Responsible for Telecommunications and Security Products and Services; Point of Contact for departments in all Committees other than Finance and Government and Operations Committee

Michele McCarthy

Strategic Sourcing Officer

(408) 491-7494

Strategic IT Sourcing, Procurement, Contracting and Vendor Management

Sabrina Teixeira

Buyer II

(408) 491-7467

Responsible for Telecommunications and Security Products and Services; Point of Contact for departments in Public safety and Justice and Housing, Land Use and Transportation Committees for IT application software projects.

Scott Zimmer

Sr. Strategic Sourcing Officer

(408) 491-7455

Responsible for management and supervision of IT infrastructure and operational team of Procurement Contracts Specialists and Buyers.


Shah Sadri

Strategic Sourcing Officer

(408) 491-7479​

Shaqib Kadri

Buyer II

(408) 491-7476

Point of Contact for departments in County Finance and Government Operations Committee for IT application software projects.

Centralized Contracting - Institutional/Operational Support

The Institutional/Office Products & Services division manages procurement and contracting activities to support operational needs for various agencies and departments as well as office products and services.

Renda James

Sr. Strategic Sourcing Officer

W (408) 491-7406 C (408) 316-1938

Responsible for providing direction, guidance and support for all Institutional/Office Contracting: planning, sourcing, contracting, and monitoring.

Chaz Miyamoto

Buyer I

(408) 491-7468

Construction Materials, Landscape Services and Equipment, Locks and related Door Products, Garments/Uniforms, Safety Products, SALE OF SURPLUS AND OBSOLETE ITEMS,


David Noriega

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7427

Document Management Services, Security Services, Monitoring Equipment, Waste Facilities, Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement Supplies and Ammunition, and Academy Supplies.

Hema Thanapathy

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7436

P-Card Administration. Advertising, Office Products/Supplies, Promotional Items, TV Programming & Repair Services, Event and Party Rental Equipment, Ergo contracts


Judy Hou

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7438

Office Contracting: Products and Services

Justin Singleton

Buyer II

(408) 491-7466

Food, Food Equipment Maintenance and Services, Water, and Laundry Equipment contracts.

Zachary Yu

Buyer III

(408) 491-7450


Centralized Contracting - Medical Patient Care Contracting

The Medical Contracting Team supports County-operated Santa Clara Valley Medical Center for their needs for medical products and services including, but not limited to, medical surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory supplies, medical equipment, consumables, and related services. 

This team supports various SCVMC departments including, but not limited to, Resource Management, Perioperative Department, Diagnostic Imaging, Clinical Laboratory, Pharmacy, Ambulatory Care, Cardiology, etc.. The team also supports other County departments and agencies such as Public Health, District Attorney Crime Laboratory, Coroner/Medical Examiner’s Office, and Information Service Department.

Long Zhang

Strategic Sourcing Manager

(408) 491-7425   C  (408) 313-9768

Responsible for Managing Medical Contracting Staff including Strategic Sourcing Manager, Procurement Contract Specialists and Buyers.

Beth Orero

Strategic Sourcing Officer

(408) 491-7464

Strategic Sourcing Projects

Bill Davison

Sr. Strategic Sourcing Officer - EH

(408) 491-7462

FPO projects and more medical contracting assignments.

Irene Shen

Sr. Strategic Sourcing Officer

(408) 491-7412

RFP/Special Projects, Medical IT, Renal Care, Environmental Services, DA Crime Lab

Jinhua (Rachel) Su

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7444

Clinical Lab, Respiratory Care, Ambulatory Care


Judy Tang

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7481

GPO agreements and Pharmacy Side Agreements, Perioperative Service/OR, RFP/Special Projects.

Kristie Gonzales

Buyer Assistant

(408) 491-7411

Priority PO Releases, Surge EOC Support, PPE Supplier Vetting

Mike Pfister

Procurement Manager

(408) 491-7423

RFP/Special Projects, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical IT

Saradia Choudhary

Buyer I

(408) 491-7483

Priority POs, Resource Management

Scott Twist

Buyer II

(408) 491-7474

ERP System Data Entry and GPO contracts management

Sujata Rao

Buyer II​

(408) 491-7486

GPO agreements, Therapy Services, Pharmacy, Priority PO

Vasilis Barberi

Buyer II

(408) 491-7491


Priority POs, Public Health Lab

De-centralized Contracting for Professional Services

The De-centralized Contracting Team supports the County agencies/departments in their procurement of professional services. Support and assistance include but are not limited to: review solicitation documents prior to release, review justifications for non-competitive acquisitions, review and approve service agreements, and respond to questions regarding procurement processes and application of board policies.

Diana Diaz

Procurement Manager

(408) 491-7430

De-centralized Contracting for Professional Services                                                                                                                                

Ben Reyes

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7420

De-centralized Contracting for Professional Services


Michael Pangilinan

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7437

De-centralized Contracting for Professional Services

Nana Krishna Kumar

Buyer Assistant

(408) 491-7475

Sagar Dholakia

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7469

De-centralized Contracting for Professional Services

Susie Velez

Procurement Contracts Specialist

(408) 491-7410

De-centralized Contracting for Professional Services​

E-Procurement Ariba, BidSync, SAP, Intranet/Internet & Procurement IT Operations

E-Procurement Team manages, maintains and supports enterprise systems for procurement and contracting for the County of Santa Clara. This team is also responsible for providing technical assistance and on-going support to vendors as well as the County staff.

Mitali Shah

IT Manager

(408) 491-7449

Responsible for providing management oversight of the Enterprise Procurement Applications development & support that includes technical support to Ariba, SAP, BidSync, DocuSign and SharePoint users, system configuration, and enhancements.

Casandra Gonzalez

Sr. Management Analyst

(408) 491-7461

Responsible for coordinating activities/efforts for Ariba Project.  Also, provide technical support on BidSync, DocuSign, Materials Management and Inventory Management.

Julie Mizell

Business Process Consultant

(408) 918-9223

Mapping and  Transformation Process Changes

Linh Vu

Sr. Business System Analyst

(408) 491-7454

Primary - Provide enterprise application management support for Ariba Procure-to-Pay (P2P) module. Backup - Provide user administration support for P2P module.

Maria Melgoza

Sr. Business Systems Analyst

(408) 491-7417

Primary - Provide enterprise application management support for Ariba Supplier Information Management (SIM), Sourcing & Contracts modules.


1 - Provide enterprise application management support for Ariba Supplier Performance Management (SPM), P2P and Spend Viz modules.

2 - Provide user administration support for BidSync, DocuSign & Ariba Upstream modules. 

Meena Kumari Subramaniam

Business Systems Analyst 

(408) 491-7459

Provide enterprise application management support for SAP-MM

Nimisha Amin

Associate IT Business Analyst

(408) 491-7415

Responsible for vendor enablements in Ariba


Norma Zapien

Application Administrator

(408) 491-7487

Provide enterprise application management support for catalogs

Ramesh Amin

Systems Administrator

(408) 491-7408

Provide technical support for SAP-Ariba Cloud base web application, BidSync,SharePoint,    Procurement staff's  Desktop/Laptop, MS Office, MS Excel, MS Access ,Office 365,  Adobe ,InfoPath forms.  Administrator County SAP Data Service systems in ISD Data Center.

Sean Roberts

Business Process Consultant

(408) 491-7421

Drive transformational process improvement project execution and implementation

Shahabuddin Kadri

Associate User Experience Designer

(408) 491-7448

Responsible for technical assistance(configuration, development, maintenance) of web portals

Vanalakshmi Boorada

Integration Specialist

(408) 491-7482

Assists with the integration projects.

Fiscal & Special Projects
Carissa Garcia

Administrative Services Manager II

(408) 491-7478

Responsible for budget, finance and administration

Cecilia De Asis

Accountant I

(408) 491-7469

Responsible for accounts payable and receivable
Office of Countywide Contracting, CEO

Gene Clark

Chief Procurement Officer

(408) 299-5121

Executive Leader

Andrew Zawoyski

Director, Office of Countywide Contracting

(408) 299-5132

Executive Leader

Antoinnae Comeaux

Countywide Contracting Policy Analyst

(408) 299-5178

Countywide Contracting

Leticia Gordon

County Contracting Policy Analyst

(408) 299-5123

Countywide Contracting

Melanie Jimenez Perez

Program Manager II

(408) 299-6006

Countywide Contracting


MJ Fogelstrom

Countywide Contracting Policy Analyst

(408) 299-5122

Countywide Contracting

Shana Kurlan

County Contracting Policy Analyst

(408) 299-6005

Countywide Contracting

Thien-Kim Tran

Student Intern III

(408) 299-5172

Wendy Fong

County Contracting Policy Analyst

(408) 299-6007

Countywide Contracting​​​
Vendor Outreach

Katherine Wasserlauf

Program Manager II

(408) 491-7477

Responsible for providing management oversight of vendor outreach as well as governance of internal and external web portals.

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