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Page Mill/I-280 Interim Bicycle Improvements

Published on: 9/6/2016 11:15 AM

The Page Mill Road Expressway Study project identifies improvements to relieve congestion and improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity along the expressway and at intersections between I-280 and El Camino Real.

In recognition that it may take several years to fund, design, and construct the ultimate interchange improvements identified in the Page Mill Expressway Study, interim bicycle improvements through the interchange area are also being identified. 

The objective of the interim project is to use signing, striping and other low-cost methods to enhance bicycle safety along Page Mill Road in the immediate vicinity of the I-280 Interchange, and to have the improvements constructed in Fall 2016. The County, Caltrans, VTA, Town of Los Altos Hills, and City of Palo Alto staff are working together to implement the interim bicycle improvement concepts in the short term.
Concept Plan
After review of the public input received on the concept alternatives and additional technical analysis, the concept below was developed and will be moved into the design phase.  Questions and comments on the concept are welcome and encouraged to be submitted by July 29, 2016, so they may be taken into consideration during the design of the improvements.
  • The concept includes speed reduction strategies that include reduced speed limits, signage, beacons, and speed markings on the road that will more clearly indicate to drivers that bicyclists are present and that speed should be kept more moderate.
  • The proposed lanes include buffered space for bicyclists to create a more comfortable riding environment for bicyclists.

In the westbound direction:

  • Concept allows for bicyclists to continue to follow current patterns, while providing a new, more clearly marked route.
    • The concept includes a newly defined crossing point from Old Page Mill Rd to Page Mill Rd that has reasonable sight lines for bicyclists and autos.  Bicyclists have the ability to wait and watch for a break in traffic.
    • The interior position of the upgraded bicycle lane reduces the number of conflicts between bicyclists and automobiles at I-280 ramps.

In the eastbound direction:

  • The concept allows bicyclists to move to the center at the far end of the interchange.  Again, this interior position reduces the number of conflict at I-280 ramps. 
  • The concept retains space for bicyclists who choose to continue up Page Mill Rd, while providing a marked lane for bicyclists who want to turn onto Old Page Mill Rd. 
Comments can be sent by e-mail to or in writing to:
     Transportation Planning
     County of Santa Clara Roads and Airports Department
     101 Skyport Drive 
     San Jose, CA 95110
Next steps for interim project:
  • Final design for Caltrans approval and permit (August 2016)
  • Construction in Fall 2016

April 20, 2016. Community Meeting.

A public outreach meeting was held on April 20, 2016 to present an overview of the concepts and receive feedback.

Preliminary Concepts
Preliminary concepts for travel in eastbound and westbound directions have been developed and can be found at the links below.

Eastbound Travel - Concept 1

Eastbound Travel - Concept 2

Westbound Travel - Concept 1

Westbound Travel - Concept 2

Speed Reduction Strategies



Page Mill Road Expressway: 280 to El Camino Real


The Page Mill Road Expressway Study project identifies improvements to relieve congestion and improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity along the expressway and at intersections between I-280 and El Camino Real.  

The Page Mill Road Expressway Corridor Study report is now available.


Stay tuned for updated project information and upcoming public meetings or receive the information by clicking the button below and subscribing to our project update list.

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This technical memorandum documents the traffic analysis assumptions, methodology and findings for the Page Mil Road/Coyote Hill Road intersection comparing two potential improvement alternatives to each other and existing conditions. The improvement options are closure of the median gap along Page Mil Road, effectively allowing right-in/right-out access only to/from Coyote Hill Road and signalization of this intersection.

Intersection Analysis Report



The project team has been working closely with City of Los Altos Hills, City of Palo Alto, Caltrans, and VTA staff for input on the technical analysis, including concepts to illustrate potential project configurations. The concepts are planning level drawings (not design level) to determine technical feasibility, potential right-of-way impacts, a cost estimate for the Plan list, and community acceptability. There are three alternative concepts each for the Page Mill/I-280 interchange improvements and for grade separating the Page Mill/Foothill-Junipero Serra intersection.  A final proposed concept for each of these two locations will be one of the alternatives shown or a hybrid/modified concept based on the analysis of the alternatives and community input. 

Page Mill/I-280 Interchange Alternatives

Concept 1-Signalization

Concept 1-Signalization Bike and Ped Facilities

Concept 2-Southbound Ramp Realignment

Concept 2-Southbound Ramp Realignment Bike and Ped Facilities

Concept 3-Roundabout Concept

Concept 3-Roundabout Concept Bike and Ped Facilities

Proposed Concept

Proposed Concept Bike and Ped Facilities

Traffic Simulations Videos: Using a traffic demand model, traffic flow simulations have been developed for the AM and PM peak periods for each of the alternatives using projected 2025 traffic volumes.  Videos of the simulations have been posted on YouTube (click here).

Existing Condition AM

Existing Condition PM

Concept 1 Signalization AM

Concept 1 Signalization PM

Concept 2 Southbound Ramp Realignment AM

Concept 2 Southbound Ramp Realignment PM

Concept 3 Roundabout AM

Concept 3 Roundabout PM


Page Mill Road Expressway

Page Mill Expressway between Foothill Expressway and El Camino Real Intersection Improvements

Page Mill Overcrossing Foothill Expressway Alternative 1

Page Mill Under Elevated Foothill Expressway Alternative 2

Page Mill Under Foothill Expressway Alternative 3

Page Mill Between 1-280 and Foothill Expressway Widening to 6 Lanes with Trail

Page Mill at El Camino Expressway


Community Outreach  

As part of the Expressway Plan 2040 Project, Community Meetings were held this fall by Expressway. 

Click here for meeting details; flyers, presentation and summaries.

To see the entire list of meetings return to the Expressway Plan 2040 Project website.


 Project Fact Sheets, Documents and History 

The PageMill280 FACT SHEETS and System Maps are available on a separate page.

The project documents and history are available on a separate page.