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Announcing Easier Parking!

Last modified: 3/1/2012 9:47 AM

There are now a limited number of free one-hour parking spaces near the West Wing of our building.  Most of our Clerk-Recorder’s customers find that their visit to the Clerk-Recorder’s can be completed well within one hour.  Note that our office is in the East Wing of the building, so if you enter through the doors of the West Wing, walk straight ahead through the long hallway to the other side and you will see the Clerk-Recorder’s office to the left.

The area map shows the West Wing parking lot and other parking options.  If there are no empty one-hour parking places, you may use one of these two other parking options.

1-There are also meters on the streets around our building. Spaces may be difficult to locate there in the middle of the day. If you plan to use the meters, remember to bring change with you.

2-There is also a parking garage across from the jail one block down on Hedding Street. There is usually space available, and the fee doesn't require exact change.