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Data Sales

Last modified: 3/1/2012 9:47 AM

Due to customer requests, the Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorder’s office sells selected electronic data. There are one-time offerings and ongoing (go-forward) offerings by subscription.   Please note that the Clerk-Recorder’s Office is a repository for documents and we only have index data about the documents themselves.  We do not have a database of property characteristics such as square footage and number of bedrooms (see Assessor’s Office ), nor do we have real estate sale data such as property address, asking price vs. selling price, days on market, etc. 

The following summarizes the offerings that are available.  Please see the individual subscription/order forms below for more information. 

Recorded Documents (known as “Official Documents”) – Daily or Weekly

These are all the various kinds of property and related documents that are recorded here in our office, such as deeds, abstracts of judgments, liens, etc.  We offer the TIF images of the actual documents themselves labeled with only the document number.  They can be displayed by most PC image viewers. This offering does not include any text data that can be used to locate documents or import into a database.  The subscription forms describe important differences between the daily and weekly options.

Grantor/Grantee Index - Weekly

This is the locator index data for Recorded Documents (Official Documents).  There is a record for the name of each party to a document along with the document number, date of recording, and document type.  This is a text file that can be imported into a database.  You may view a file layout document and / or a sample file.   

Fictitious Business Names – Monthly or One-time Five-Year Set

This is the index for all Fictitious Business Name Statements filed.  It is text data that includes the business name, owner names, and business address.  Note that not all new businesses are required to file a FBN Statement; only those that do not use the owner’s name in the business name.  You may view a file layout document and / or a sample file.  You may choose a monthly subscription or you may make a one-time purchase of all active filings, which would include all filings in the last five years.

Recorded Tract, Parcel and Record of Survey Maps – Entire Archival Set with updates Monthly or Quarterly

We offer the TIF images of the actual maps themselves labeled with only the book and page number of each map.  These are most useful if you have another source for locating a map book and page number.  The set starts with Book A Page 1 and comes on at least 13 CDs.  You will receive maps recorded through the current date when we create your archival set, and then you may choose to start a subscription for monthly or quarterly updates.  It is strongly recommended that you start a monthly or quarterly map subscription right away as it could be costly to obtain the intervening maps if you later decide to start a subscription.

If you want anything other than the standard offerings above, you will be required to pay custom programming costs per Government code 6253.  You will usually find it more cost effective to buy a standard offering and adjust it yourself to meet your needs.  If that is not possible, you must explicitly detail in writing what data (fields, format, date range, etc) you are requesting.  We will let you know if it is possible, and if so, will provide a written estimate for you.

The following downloadable forms may be used for data sales in the Clerk-Recorder's Office. They can be filled in from within Adobe Reader, if your version supports that feature. These forms can be used to purchase digital data from the Clerk-Recorder's Office on a one-time or subscription basis.
The Grantor-Grantee File Layout,  Grantor-Grantee Index Data Sample, FBN Data Sample, FBN Data File Layout, and Rate Sheet are not forms, but provide information about the digital data available from the Clerk-Recorder's Office.