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Recording Marriages

Last modified: 9/8/2016 4:14 PM

The Recorder's office is the registrar of marriages for licenses issued by the Santa Clara County Clerk.

A marriage ceremony must be performed between the issue and expiration dates of the marriage license. The marriage ceremony must be performed in California. The solemnizer must be recognized by his/her religious denomination to perform marriages or be a judge or commissioner of civil marriages.  There can be no white-out, erasures, strikeovers or other alterations on the marriage certificate. It is the solemnizer's responsibility to submit the marriage certificate to the County Recorder's Office, within ten (10) days of the marriage ceremony. However, marriage certificates are recordable up to one year after the date of marriage.  Certified copies of marriage certificates are generally available one (1) business day after recording. For specific questions regarding marriage license recording, please call our marriage registrar at (408) 299-5658.