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Return of Recorded Documents by Mail

Last modified: 3/1/2012 9:48 AM

After all processing is complete, the Clerk-Recorder's Office sends recorded documents back to the party listed in the upper left corner of the document.  By law, we must send it to the name and address listed on that area of the document.  If you are expecting a recorded document to be returned to you, and have not received it yet, it may be for the following reasons:

  • We are still processing it.  After recording, we undertake many steps to ensure the integrity of our records and to be sure that all records are properly stored for archival purposes.  At this time, documents are being mailed back approximately six to eight weeks after recording.  You may go to the Official Records search site and view the "About this Site" section and find instructions how to check the mailing date for your recorded document.
  • It was never recorded.  If another party was supposed to record the document for you, it is possible there was a glitch and it was never recorded.  You may go to the Official Records search site and enter your name in the Grantor/Grantee search to make sure the document was recorded.  If you do not find it, check with the party that should have recorded it for you.
  • Your name and address was not in the upper left corner.  By law, we may only mail to that address.  If someone else prepared the document, they may have put a different name and address on the document in that spot.  Please check with that party.
  • You moved during the processing time or the address was incorrect.  We do keep returned mail here for a period, so if you have checked the other items mentioned, we may have it here.  You may call our main office number to inquire.