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Published on: 5/14/2015 9:59 AM


About the Re-Entry Resource Center

The Re-Entry Resource Center is a centralized location for custodial and non-custodial individuals to receive referral and wrap around services.

Build safer communities and strengthen families through successful reintegration and reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals back into Santa Clara County.

Reduce recidivism by using evidence-based practices in implementing a seamless system of services, supports, and supervision.


  • Intake and Assessment
  • Alcohol and Drug treatment and care
  • Counseling
  • Resources to the faith communities
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Housing
  • General assistance benefits
  • Health referral
  • Transitional Case Management
  • Clothes closet
  • More services coming soon:
    • Employment services
    • Food assistance/distribution
    • Transitional Health Clinic


Re-Entry Multi-Agency Program

This multi-disciplinary team provides overall assessment and wraparound services including custody health, mental health, probation, DADS, SSA, housing, and peer mentors.

            Multi-Agency Program contact information

Probation Intake & Assessment

The Center includes Probation Officers completing intakes and conducting assessments of offenders who are just released back into the community under AB 109 realignment.

Custody Alternatives and Programs

  • Milpitas Adult Education, Behavioral modification classes
  • Public Service Program (PSP), a community service program as alternative to incarceration
  • Weekend Work Program (WWP), a court mandated program for low-risk offenders
  • Regimented Correction Program (RCP) II

                                                                 OPERATING HOURS

Monday through Friday

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

151 W. Mission St.
San Jose, CA 95110