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Registrar of Voters
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Distribution Centers and Courier Teams

Published on: 7/25/2018 12:29 PM


Courier Team assignments​ (Coming Soon)

Mid-day Courier Team Assignments​​  (Coming Soon)


Courier Team information

Volunteer Payroll form
Materials to be delivered to ROV

ROV Delivery and Facility Flow Plan

​Midday Courier Team information

Midday Couier Team Training PowerPoint Presentation

Midday Courier Team Procedure

Volunteer Payroll Form​

Materials to be delivered to ROV​

ROV Delivery and Facility Flow Plan​

DISTRIBUTION Center (Saturday before Election Day)

Distribution Ce​nter Procedures

Distribution Center Training PowerPoint Presentation​​

Distribution and Return Centers 

​Cntr ​Center

​Distribution Center

Center Process Layout

1 Jordan Middle School,
750 N. California Avenue
Palo Alto

Y ​Map Y
2 Crittenden Middle School
1701 Rock Street
Mountain View

Y Map Y​
​3 ​Los Altos High School
201 Almond Ave 
Los Altos

Y​ Map​ Y​
4​ ​Sunnyvale City Hall
456 W. Olive Avenue

Y​ Map​ Y​
​5 ​Warren E. Hyde Middle School
19325 Bollinger Road

Y​ ​Map Y​
​6 ​St. Justin Parish Community Church
2655 Homestead Road
Santa Clara

Y​ Map​ Y​
​7 ​Santa Clara County Civic Center Parking Lot
70 W. Hedding Street
San Jose

​Y Map​ Y​
8​ ​Registrar Of Voters
1553 Berger Drive Bldg. 1
San Jose

Y​ ​Map Y​
​9 ​James Lick High School Parking Lot
57 N. White Road
San Jose

​Y ​Map Y​
​10 ​Tafatolu Congregational Church
2510 Alvin Avenue
San Jose

​Y Map​ Y​
​11 ​Curtner Light Rail Station
Curtner Avenue & Canoas Garden Ave
San Jose

Y​ Map​ Y​
​12 ​Home Church
1799 Winchester Boulevard

Y​ Map​ Y​
13 ​Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church
13601 Saratoga Avenue

​Y Map​ Y​
​14 ​Blossom Hill Elementary School
16400 Blossom Hill Road
Los Gatos

​Y Map​ Y​
​15 ​St. Timothy's Lutheran Church
5100 Camden Avenue
San Jose

​Y Map​ Y​
​16 ​Santa Clara Valley Water District
5750 Almaden Expressway
San Jose

Y​ Map​ Y​
17​ ​Blossom Hill Light Rail Station
525 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose

Y​ Map​ Y​
​18 ​Santa Clara Cnty Sig Sanchez Government Center
80 Highland Avenue
San Martin

​Y Map​ Y​
19​ ​Herbert Hoover Middle School
1635 Park Avenue
San Jose

Y​ ​Map ​Y
20​ ​Hank Lopez Community Center
1694 Adrian Way
San Jose

Y​ ​Map​ Y​