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Recall Petition Verification

Published on: 1/24/2018 2:31 PM

​​​Petition Verification Timeline

Petition to Recall Judge Aaron Persky​

Activity​​​​​ ​Estimated Duration Status​
​Receipt of Petition​ ​January 11, 2018 ​COMPLETED
​Petition Signature Raw Count
& Initial Processing
​Approximately 2 weeks ​COMPLETED
​Random Sample Verification ​Approximately 2 days ​COMPLETED​​
​Full Petition Verificatio​n ​Approxim​ately 4 weeks
(Deadline: February 26, 2018)
​Only if Required*​​​
​Updated: 1/23/18

Verification of the full petition is required if the random sampling result is within 90-110% of the number of signatures required to qualify the petition.

  1. If the random sampling result is more than 110 percent of the needed 58,634 signatures, the petition is considered sufficient for the ballot without additional verification.
  2.  If the random sampling result is less than 90 percent of the needed signatures, the petition is insufficient.
  3. If the random sampling result is more than 90 percent  but less than 110 percent, the ROV must examine and verify all of the signatures submitted.​